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the story of SOURCE

SOURCE Denim was created with the mission to make beautiful, functional denim jeans that are kind(er) to the environment, animals, and people. 

We were started by design enthusiasts, environmental thinkers, and experts in the textiles industries who were tired of seeing the world around us being polluted by the toxic by-products of apparel manufacturing. 

So we teamed up with some great folks to develop a new way of making denim, replacing toxic chemicals with an all natural material that cuts the amount of chemicals in a pair of blue jeans in half, and uses 60% less water and 40% less energy than ordinary denim production.   

These jeans were built right here in the USA, with a timeless fit that looked and felt good no matter where you were. Learn more about our supply chain!

We wanted to make sure our jeans had a higher purpose. After all, when a garment is as universal and widespread as a pair of blue jeans, surely it has the power to do some good! So we pledged to contribute at least 1% of our profits to environmental organizations, and source all our materials and sewing in communities that would benefit from each sale of SOURCE Denim jeans. 

Closing the Loop

SOURCE Denim is made with quality sewing and the best materials, and we guarantee these jeans will last you at least 10 years. If they get ripped or torn in the meantime, contact us at with the subject line "Repair Kit" to get a free denim repair kit, or send them in and have our team repair them for you!

At the end of a pair of jean's life cycle, don't throw it in the landfill. Send it back for a second chance at life! We will take back all denim (even denim that's not ours) to be recycled into building insulation or rugs. Contact to find out more information about this recycling program. 


Our Partnerships


We love our the Washington wilderness, and getting out of Seattle on the weekends to hit up the beautiful trails that abound throughout the state is what inspires us to do what we do. Whether it's exploring the deep emerald forests, testing our stamina on 5000 feet of elevation gain, or ending up on Washington's alpine lakes, every moment reminds us how lucky we are to be surrounded by natural beauty, and how important it is to preserve this. Washington Trails Association is an integral part of making these experiences possible. So we pledge to donate 0.5% of all our sales to the Washington Trails Association. Because the more people get outdoors, the more people will care about what happens to our planet. 



We know that denim is a dirty industry, and the Earth's rivers suffer the most from all the dyes and pollutants that get washed into river ecosystems. That's why we focused on cutting our chemical and salt discharge by more than 50%. And on top of that, we contribute 0.5% of all our sales to International Rivers Association, an organization dedicated to preserving and cleaning up the world's rivers from the negative impact of industrialization. 


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At SOURCE Denim, we're into being slow. We make each pair of jeans carefully, paying attention to the little details that make jeans stronger, more resilient, and more timeless. For every batch run, we make less than 500 pairs, to ensure that the quality is good enough for our customers.

A trustworthy pair of jeans should last a long time and wear slowly, even if you are moving quickly. 

And being 100% cotton, when your jeans finally begin showing the threads of a life well lived decades later, everything that your jeans are made of can be returned into the earth.