Built to be tough enough to last through life's adventures, while being gentle on the planet and people.



Denim produced with a natural, biodegradable material that replaces the harsh chemicals in denim production. Which means more than 50% less chemical, water, and energy use in every pair of jeans, not to mention 100% cotton.


Why destroy something before it's even been worn? Acid washes, fake fades and artificial distresses deprive jeans of their longevity and personality (while using a lot of harmful chemicals). Our jeans are made of fresh, raw denim with no extra treatments. 

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Made to Move

Slim enough to be professional, with a relaxed inseam so you can run, jump, climb, skate, and bike to work. Deeper front pockets with wider access and six reinforced belt loops prevent sagging at the waistband. 


Building good products provides good jobs. Our family-owned workshop in Los Angeles supports more than 100 workers with safe, happy working environments. 





SOURCE Denim Goods

Tough denim aprons for workshop and kitchen. Minimalist denim bags carry everything from groceries to tools. All built in our hometown of Seattle. All raw, planet-friendly denim.


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